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The LINKS portion of this page Jim designed to help you find information about the area.  The three links to Crater Lake are especially helpful.  The PICS part of the page is there to show you how beautiful it is in this part of the country.  Some of these pictures were taken from our home.


Winter equipment rentals
  & Becky's
Union Creek Resort

Klamath Basin Birding

  Running Y Golf Course
Weisinger's Winery
  Ashland Shakspeare Festival
Kla-Mo-Ya Casino
Endless Run Fly Fishing
Crater Lake Current Information


Crater Lake - Photo by Terri Dippel
One of our lighter breakfasts
Late Summer Shower
From the deck - Summer season
From the front porch - Fall season
Our Neighbors
Crater Lake Greeter
Winter Season
More Winter
Pelican Butte From Our Back Door